August 17

Sports Report

The Herald Mars

Wednesday, 10th August 2016

The 400m Free Frenzy.

Mack Horton touches out Sun Yang to win gold

Before they even got onto the pool deck you could see the tension and even feel it from back home between Mack and Sun They were setting up and getting ready to swim for their life. They were all wanting to take home the gold -some more than others but they all really wanted it badly. You could see they were ready to race their hearts out. They got up onto the block and “ERRRRRRR!!!!” they were off all of them with great reaction times.

Conor Dwyer, the American, is leading thepack from lane 4 and James Guy is close behind in lane 7. Mack Horton is in the middle of the pack, just staying back to keep an eye on everyone and not letting anyone out of his sight. They were coming up to the 5th 50metres, and this is when Mack makes his move, starting to speed up, starting to move to the front of the pack They turn, they are on their second last 50metres and Mack is not pacing anymore they turn, they are on there last 50. It’s Sun first, then Mack, Mack, Sun, They are in the flags and Mack  reaches out and touches the wall first with Sun Yang close behind him and hitting the wall third is Gabriele Detti from Italy . The Australians were going bananas, you see in Mack’s face he was definitely happy with the swim.

Mack Horton, Australia- 3:41.55 1st

Sun Yang China,- 3:41.68 2nd

Gabriele Detti, Italy- 3:43.49 3rd

Conor Dwyer, USA- 3:44.01

Connor Jaeger, USA- 3:44.16

James Guy, Great Britain- 3:44.68

David McKeon, Australia- 3:45.28

Jordan Pothain, France- 3:49.07

August 11

Maths Today.

Today our class made graphs for math, we did an evaluation for the 2016 federal election. Here is what mine looked like.


I did not do the seats for the federal election but I did the votes and the percentages as you can see that Labor have got the most votes and their percent is 34.7 %, Liberal got the 2nd most votes and greens have the least votes, but the seats are a different story.


March 16

My Buddy Jordan

My buddy is Jordan and these are his favourite things,

  • His favourite food is veggies
  • He loves the colours blue, green and red
  • His favourite thing to play with is transformers he says he wants to become a transformer
  • His family are his mum, dad, sister and his bunny Zoe
  • He loves to play with his dad
  • His mum is really good at fixing things and Jordan says that his dad is the man of the house
  • He 6 years old                                                                                                                                                                              Now a note from Jordan,    Hi everybody my name is Jordan, I like to play.
November 16

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

I understand that the sanctuary used to be part of a shooting range and when they shut down it was still in perfect condition, so the locals got the government and told him to make it a sanctuary so that is why it is in such good condition and well looked after.


I know that it used to be a shooting range so I believe that there would still be bullets around that vicinity (hardly any.) That it is protected by the government, that there are lots of rock pools.


To care about the sanctuary I need to respect the land and creatures on the beach and the rocks, also not to kick harm or disturb them just leave them alone. Pick rubbish up when I see it even if it isn’t mine because an animal might choke on the rubbish and that’s not fair for them.


November 11


Last Thursday was our production, it was about puff leaving his cave because Jackie Paper has left him and he is trying to find a fairytale to belong in but has no luck. Then in the end all he has is a genie lamp and string but does not know that the genie was tucked up inside. Puff cries, one tear hits the lamp and then the genie comes out, he wishes that fairy tale folk would come back to him and they did.

Everyone did exceptionally well, Senior G’s dances were who’s that girl  and Uptown funk. I also had three scenes prince, drummer and group that came back to Puff. Well done to everyone who organized it and put it together and everyone that participated and thank you to everyone who came along and watched.


September 2

Alec Campbell

Alec Campbell

Alec Campbell was born in Tasmania in 1899, he joined the AIF but lied about his age to get in. Then arrived in Gallipoli in 1905. His main job in Gallipoli was to carry water. He then became ill with influenza and recovered but then he had got ill 7 more times he then got sent back to Australia in 1916. He got sent home because he was medically unfit and lived out the rest of his years in Tasmania until his death in 2002, he was know to be the longest surviving veteran soldier but at the time Mrs Campbell said the attention that came with it could be quite awful.  

August 25

Famous Lions

MGMThe MGM lion is a famous lion that started off many movies and in real life he actually killed his tamer. MGM stands for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Scar- Is Simba’s evil uncle and his name is Scar in the kids film Lion King from 1994, Scar got his name because King Ahadi father of Taka and Mufasa. Appeared with a large herd of animals that surrounded the buffaloes. during the fight Taka got a scar on his eye. That’s when he renamed himself Scar to remind him of his mistake.

August 19

Time Capsule

Time Capsule


  • Hotwheels matchbox car
  • I wanted to put something in but I had nothing that I wanted to stop using, so I used to like matchbox cars but I had lots so I put that in.
  • Im feel today really excited to see what everyone put in and what I actually put in.


I felt very ecstatic about opening my items from the time capsule and I was very wrong about what I guessed I put in there I actually put footy cards, a tech deck, Pokemon cards, an old Rice Wheels packet, a photo of me, my schedule of sports and a photo of two medals.   


August 14

The Immigration museum

Today we went to the immigration museum to learn about why they came and what did they do and things around that topic. There was three activities and they were the Heritage Tour, the Passport Tour and the Identity exhibition, first we went to the Identity exhibition and there were heaps of facts to write down the questions that I picked up when we were looking and writing notes were

1. How well do we really know ourselves

2. Why are we fascinated in our family tree

3. What is it that we hope to discover?

4. What does it mean if we cannot complete the family picture?

This person her surname was a Greentree and she would go to different countries and when she did she went to a ceremony and she would wear there traditional clothing and when she went into shops they would thank her for wearing that and respecting them and what they wore and who they were.

There was a saying and went like this, I am in someways the product of my ancestry and yet I have no idea what that ancestry is. To me they are essentially all interesting strangers.

I also got more facts about the people that came and some of the aboriginals. there were also packets of food and they had racist comments.

Next we went to the passport tour and there were heaps of activities that our teacher gave us in a passport and we had to fill it all out.

Then finally we had the Heritage tour and we got iPads and took photos when we were walking around and seeing the old buildings then we had to compare the photos of when it was old and new and write a few differences between the old and new.