February 20

Science with John Pearce

Today the 20th of February a man called John Pearce came to teach us a bit about science. First off he taught us that all scientists observe so that’s what we did.

Then he said think of the smallest thing and Birdie said atoms. John then told us a story that for hundreds of years they thought that atoms were the smallest thing because atom means the smallest thing, A few years back they discovered that atoms had to be made out of something and it was electrons that made up the atoms. Not to long ago scientists new that electrons had to be made out of something, so in Switzerland they had this big thing underground shaped like a donut and they threw the electrons into the tunnel connecting to they big donut shaped object and they made the electrons go faster then the speed of light and then they made them crash and energy came out. That is called quark and two other things.

After we got plastic zip lock bags with an item in it and we had to put it in order from the lightest to heaviest, then we did a role play and we were atoms and we were in an imaginary cup and John came past and gave us energy until we had enough to escape the cup and we kept splitting until we were steam or water vapor.

The last thing we did was sat down and John and Mrs Gridley came around and gave us sugar cubes then white sugar then casting sugar and icing sugar and that’s going from thick to thin. 

My favourite part was when we ate the sugar and sugar cubes