March 26

Class Science Investigations

Today 26 of march and yesterday of 25 we were presenting our PLT (personal learning task), we set up at our tables and some people walked around looking and watching other people present, while others stayed and presented their presentations and I learnt about so many things.

some of the things I learnt about on Jake’s he did Rocks and I never knew all of those rocks had names, I found out about a Molten Igneous rock and they are either formed underground or from magma and they only way you can tell is from the holes that were formed from gas bubbles that popped.

On Mia’s I learnt that you could make your own detergent out of raw vegetables, Pumpkin asparagus, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, lemon juice and bicarb soda, Mia said that the raw pumpkin worked best.


March 24

Prayer of Thanks

Prayer of Thanksgiving
When I get home from school,
Thank you, God, for being there.
When I go to swimming,
Thank you, God, for being there.
When I am with my mates,
Thank you, God, for being there.
When I am hurt,
Thank you, God, for being there.

March 2

Clean up Australia day

Today the 27th of February, it is clean up Australia day and we were cleaning up our school. Everyone participated and made it look nice and tidy so when other schools and teachers or even principles come we are representing our school because they say “wow their school it so clean.”

Some of the reasons why we have clean up Australia day is because we want to have a clean and healthy environment for people to visit, play and live in. Another reason is because sometimes if you litter it can go in the ocean and the sea life might eat it and that could quite possibly kill them. Another reason is that germs and diseases that could make someone sick then they might make you sick and no one likes being sick.DSCN2810DSCN2809