April 26

My Holiday Adventure


“On my amazing adventures I did lots of things but I’m going to tell you about the standouts and the ones that were truly the best,

On the first Thursday, my brother (Lochie), dad and I went on a camping trip to the Murray River with 2 other families.  At about 4 am in the morning dad, Lochie, Jack, Georgia and I hit the road and were off. After an agonizing 4 hour trip (because there were pillows, doonas and miscellaneous objects at our feet) we finally got there. We were also awaiting 3 other people to get there, so after setting up the tent, getting a key to unlock the toilets and tennis courts and unloading the car we grabbed the tennis balls and rackets and were off to the courts  – all  except dad, because he was tired and didn’t want to.

It was about 3 pm when the 3 others arrived. Matt, Davo and Kaz got there, so we helped set up their tent. Shortly after, Jack, Loch, Matt and I grabbed our bikes and went for a ride. Later we did other activities. Soon it was dinner time. We all sat around the camp fire and enjoyed chicken schnitzel burgers, We talked and got to roast some marshmallows over the fire. As I was tired after the busy day, I soon took myself off to ‘hit the hay’..

On the 2nd last and last day, we floated down a section of the Murray River on our backs. I floated down  part of the river 11 times, Loch and Matt floated down 13, Georgia floated down around about 5 times and Jack floated twice. We then discovered dirt ramps that other kids had made, so we did jumps off them. It was then time to leave so we packed up ready to go. To get home it took around 5 hours and 30 mins because of the Easter traffic and there was also a  crash. 

Then on Friday of the second week I had a sleepover party for Heaths 11 Birthday and it was only Kal, Heath and I,  because the others were either sick or away so we went to see the movies it was Fast and Furious 7 –  ‘best movie ever’. After that we got back to Heaths house and had some fun.