May 28


Commas have many different uses and here I’m going to tell you about some of them so if you need some tips further

Rule 1. Use commas to separate words or word groups with three or more items people places etc. E.G. I went to the shops with mum, dad, my brother and I

Rule 2. Use commas for extra info in a sentence E.G. The Bird, that was blue and golden, was beautiful

Rule 3.Use commas to set off the name, nickname,  or title of a person directly addressed E.G. will you, Jeffrey, do this assignment for me

Good day, Captain

I hope you found this somewhat useful, if you did then It will help with your writing and your teachers wont be saying you need to include commas because before I used commas that’s what happened.

May 14

R&L math’s Board game


1 dice

4 player pieces

Game board

Questions 15 x ( fraction, decimals and percentage)

8 justice questions


1. Roll dice and move to whatever number rolled

2. Question corresponds to a particular question you landed on Red= fraction question Green= decimal question Orange= percentage question

3. question right= move foward 1

question wrong= move back 2

4. follow instructions on game board

5. first one to finish wins


Mums feedback was- a challenging game where I had to remember my math’s skills from grade 6 .

Lochs feedback- Its a good game and it takes a while because of the interesting math  and justice questions and he said “he smashed.”


May 14

Home sweet home

It was today the day that I finally get home from my big trip, I was only 15 mins away and I was so excited to finally see everyone again, when I got there I quickly tried to get my luggage and get inside to meet everyone but my luggage was to heavy so my friends Finn and Will, once we got inside everyone was there, by that I mean my mum, dad, brother and my 2 other friends Yanning and Nick were there.

I was so excited to tell them what happened but I had a complete mind blank so we talked about other things then I finally remembered, so we all got around the table and I started telling my amazing adventure, when I had finished everyone was nearly asleep it was that long and I still had my highlights and lowlights.

My highlights were

1. Going down the largest water slide in the world

2. Seeing the Eiffel  tower

3. Seeing my mate in China

I only had one lowlight and it was getting punched in the face by an angry person cause I was to tall to go on a ride or something like that