July 27

My Holidays

Holidays were great getting away from school and homework and just relaxing or having an exciting day with your friends, I’m going to tell you three things I did on the holidays.

I went to the movies with mum and saw inside out not the best movie but still pretty good. I had a sleepover with my friends Yanning and Will we had it at Will’s house because he invited us over it was the best we went in the pool and on the tramp and mostly spent it outside except for when we had to go to sleep. Mum and I also went down the beach to see nan and pop they are great to have around and its always nice going down the beach except when it is cold and miserable half of the days. Then when we got back from the beach I went to bubble soccer with my swimming squad, I got stuck on my head a lot and my shoulders ached but it was great fun. a great thing that I did on the holiday was a swimming competition. My mum was there supporting me the whole time so that was great.

How were your holidays? and did you do anything similar to me?