August 25

Famous Lions

MGMThe MGM lion is a famous lion that started off many movies and in real life he actually killed his tamer. MGM stands for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Scar- Is Simba’s evil uncle and his name is Scar in the kids film Lion King from 1994, Scar got his name because King Ahadi father of Taka and Mufasa. Appeared with a large herd of animals that surrounded the buffaloes. during the fight Taka got a scar on his eye. That’s when he renamed himself Scar to remind him of his mistake.

August 19

Time Capsule

Time Capsule


  • Hotwheels matchbox car
  • I wanted to put something in but I had nothing that I wanted to stop using, so I used to like matchbox cars but I had lots so I put that in.
  • Im feel today really excited to see what everyone put in and what I actually put in.


I felt very ecstatic about opening my items from the time capsule and I was very wrong about what I guessed I put in there I actually put footy cards, a tech deck, Pokemon cards, an old Rice Wheels packet, a photo of me, my schedule of sports and a photo of two medals.   


August 14

The Immigration museum

Today we went to the immigration museum to learn about why they came and what did they do and things around that topic. There was three activities and they were the Heritage Tour, the Passport Tour and the Identity exhibition, first we went to the Identity exhibition and there were heaps of facts to write down the questions that I picked up when we were looking and writing notes were

1. How well do we really know ourselves

2. Why are we fascinated in our family tree

3. What is it that we hope to discover?

4. What does it mean if we cannot complete the family picture?

This person her surname was a Greentree and she would go to different countries and when she did she went to a ceremony and she would wear there traditional clothing and when she went into shops they would thank her for wearing that and respecting them and what they wore and who they were.

There was a saying and went like this, I am in someways the product of my ancestry and yet I have no idea what that ancestry is. To me they are essentially all interesting strangers.

I also got more facts about the people that came and some of the aboriginals. there were also packets of food and they had racist comments.

Next we went to the passport tour and there were heaps of activities that our teacher gave us in a passport and we had to fill it all out.

Then finally we had the Heritage tour and we got iPads and took photos when we were walking around and seeing the old buildings then we had to compare the photos of when it was old and new and write a few differences between the old and new.