November 16

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

I understand that the sanctuary used to be part of a shooting range and when they shut down it was still in perfect condition, so the locals got the government and told him to make it a sanctuary so that is why it is in such good condition and well looked after.


I know that it used to be a shooting range so I believe that there would still be bullets around that vicinity (hardly any.) That it is protected by the government, that there are lots of rock pools.


To care about the sanctuary I need to respect the land and creatures on the beach and the rocks, also not to kick harm or disturb them just leave them alone. Pick rubbish up when I see it even if it isn’t mine because an animal might choke on the rubbish and that’s not fair for them.


November 11


Last Thursday was our production, it was about puff leaving his cave because Jackie Paper has left him and he is trying to find a fairytale to belong in but has no luck. Then in the end all he has is a genie lamp and string but does not know that the genie was tucked up inside. Puff cries, one tear hits the lamp and then the genie comes out, he wishes that fairy tale folk would come back to him and they did.

Everyone did exceptionally well, Senior G’s dances were who’s that girl  and Uptown funk. I also had three scenes prince, drummer and group that came back to Puff. Well done to everyone who organized it and put it together and everyone that participated and thank you to everyone who came along and watched.