March 16

My Buddy Jordan

My buddy is Jordan and these are his favourite things,

  • His favourite food is veggies
  • He loves the colours blue, green and red
  • His favourite thing to play with is transformers he says he wants to become a transformer
  • His family are his mum, dad, sister and his bunny Zoe
  • He loves to play with his dad
  • His mum is really good at fixing things and Jordan says that his dad is the man of the house
  • He 6 years old                                                                                                                                                                              Now a note from Jordan,    Hi everybody my name is Jordan, I like to play.

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3 thoughts on “My Buddy Jordan

  1. Rian Prestwich

    G’day Riley,
    My name is Rian Prestwich and I am a uni student who will be checking in on your student blogging challenge and inviting you to a conversation. Feel free to reply and ask me questions if you’d like.

    That was a great little interview you had with your buddy. How long have you two been buddies with school? Do you play at lunch or small snack?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

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  2. rileyosl (Post author)

    Hi Rian,
    I have only been buddies with him since grade 6, we have prep buddy’s that are given to us and I used to play with him, but now the preps have to play with people there own age group.
    From Riley


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