August 17

Sports Report

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Wednesday, 10th August 2016

The 400m Free Frenzy.

Mack Horton touches out Sun Yang to win gold

Before they even got onto the pool deck you could see the tension and even feel it from back home between Mack and Sun They were setting up and getting ready to swim for their life. They were all wanting to take home the gold -some more than others but they all really wanted it badly. You could see they were ready to race their hearts out. They got up onto the block and “ERRRRRRR!!!!” they were off all of them with great reaction times.

Conor Dwyer, the American, is leading thepack from lane 4 and James Guy is close behind in lane 7. Mack Horton is in the middle of the pack, just staying back to keep an eye on everyone and not letting anyone out of his sight. They were coming up to the 5th 50metres, and this is when Mack makes his move, starting to speed up, starting to move to the front of the pack They turn, they are on their second last 50metres and Mack is not pacing anymore they turn, they are on there last 50. It’s Sun first, then Mack, Mack, Sun, They are in the flags and Mack  reaches out and touches the wall first with Sun Yang close behind him and hitting the wall third is Gabriele Detti from Italy . The Australians were going bananas, you see in Mack’s face he was definitely happy with the swim.

Mack Horton, Australia- 3:41.55 1st

Sun Yang China,- 3:41.68 2nd

Gabriele Detti, Italy- 3:43.49 3rd

Conor Dwyer, USA- 3:44.01

Connor Jaeger, USA- 3:44.16

James Guy, Great Britain- 3:44.68

David McKeon, Australia- 3:45.28

Jordan Pothain, France- 3:49.07

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