March 3

All About Me

Hi my name is Riley.

I am a state swimmer, I love my family that includes my beautiful mum, awesome dad, my legendary brother and the best dog in the world, Barney.

Some of my hobby’s are going to bounce, drawing, swimming in my pool and playing on the PS4 . My favourite movie types are comedies and action and movies are awesome. Friends are good to keep you company

I love my swimming coach. She constantly helps me get better in my swimming and she is funny, nice and lots of other things. I also have a trampoline so I do tricks but it recently broke:(

2 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. StLukes

    Great post Riley.
    You certainly paint a wonderful picture with your words. I wonder, could you tell us what it is that your coach does to help you get better at swimming?

    Mrs C

  2. rileyosl (Post author)

    Yes my coach helps me with my technique and is always telling me how to get better times,especially in Breaststroke because it its my best stroke and I need to keep improving.


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