July 27

My Holidays

Holidays were great getting away from school and homework and just relaxing or having an exciting day with your friends, I’m going to tell you three things I did on the holidays.

I went to the movies with mum and saw inside out not the best movie but still pretty good. I had a sleepover with my friends Yanning and Will we had it at Will’s house because he invited us over it was the best we went in the pool and on the tramp and mostly spent it outside except for when we had to go to sleep. Mum and I also went down the beach to see nan and pop they are great to have around and its always nice going down the beach except when it is cold and miserable half of the days. Then when we got back from the beach I went to bubble soccer with my swimming squad, I got stuck on my head a lot and my shoulders ached but it was great fun. a great thing that I did on the holiday was a swimming competition. My mum was there supporting me the whole time so that was great.

How were your holidays? and did you do anything similar to me?

June 26

Reflection on term 2

The end of term 2 already! The year is going by so quickly. Here are some highlights on term 2 and thank you Mrs Gridley for being such a great teacher.

My justice project that you would have seen on one of my recent post was a highlight because although it took time, it was fun and I really enjoyed it. I chose a topic about justice that I was interested in and that I wanted to learn more about and that turned out so well I don’t think my presentation could have been any better and I had a partner which made it easier.

Confirmation was so good. My confirmation name was Patrick. The seven sacraments are Right-judgement, understanding, Reverence, Wisdom, Courage, Wonder and Awe and Knowledge.

The rest of the things we did were:

  • Inter-School sports
  • maths
  • religion
  • Graffiti art
  • Collage

and many more. So bye bye term 2 and here come the holidays! ūüėÄ


June 23

My narrative writing

The mystery of  Jeffrey

Jeffrey woke up one morning feeling dazed and confused. He opened his eyes and all he could see was snow and wind. It was very unstable and he found out that he was on top of MOUNT EVEREST! He said to himself that it was all a dream and pinched himself closing his eyes but it really wasn’t.

12 hours earlier…

Jeffrey said to his mum goodnight and his mum replied sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite. He never usually said goodnight but was being sneaky because he had brought his iPad into his bedroom. He was playing on it then for a while then he decided to go to sleep because he was really tired. Dozing off snoring, a man that had won a bet to his brother but his brother forgot to pay him, so the man came and kidnapped Jeffrey as a threat, the mother and father tried to save him but it was too late but of course Jeffrey didn‚Äôt know because he was still snoring his head off.

So that’s how he got to this point when he woke up on Mount Everest‚Ķ

Jeffrey thought that pinching himself would wake him up from the crazy dream but no it WASN’T A DREAM! He thought to himself no no no how could this be happening still the gusting wind annoying him and the snow blowing into his face, he noticed that he was still in his pyjamas with his blond hair and bulky build on him, one green and one blue eye really fast, loves sport and a very smart kid, he thought he could work this out so he got up forgetting that he was on the top of Mount Everest nearly plummeting to his death he took a step back.


He felt a tougher build then him and then he quickly did a 360 spin and what would you know it was the man that threatened his brother because the brother had lost a bet to him, the man in a nice voice said good morning you’re finally up and Jeffrey thought to himself something was wrong he was being to nice but decided to go along with it. Jeffrey said to the man I never caught your name and the man replied that’s because I never told you, starting to sound more aggressive, the man said lets go for a ride on my helicopter, Jeffrey didn’t know about this but the man insisted and he was holding a broken bottle behind his back.


Jeffrey hopped on after to keep an eye on the man the man took off and after 30 seconds pretended to have a mayday and Jeffrey knew that it was fake so he was prepared when they landed. The man suddenly took 2 quick swings at Jeffrey but he dodged, he then kicked the man off and didn’t know how to ¬†fly a helicopter, when he got home after an agonizing 13 hour trip he managed not to hit anything in the helicopter. His whole family was home and welcoming him worried but knew he would find his way home everyone was so glad and had a party for him because he arrived safely home.


June 18

Reflection on my blogging

I made 13 blog posts, 12 were school based and 1 was my own interest, I got 14 comments. I had 2 the free rice and the science with john pierce they both got 3 comments and I think they got the most comments on those 2 because they were the most interesting. My holiday adventure because it was a really good holiday and I think I put the most effort into that one. I have four widgets and I think that is perfect, I have 16 overseas students.

Goodbye blogging challenge!

Until next year.


June 18

Poverty and Hunger

Hello students teachers and parents, yesterday all the seniors had to set up in the discovery center. Then the middles, juniors and preps came in. Also some of the parents came in and looked at our work. Great job to all of the seniors, you all did amazing.


It is mostly happening in

  • Asia and the pacific
  • Africa
  • Latin America/ Caribbean
  • Developed countries

our issue that we are interested in is Hunger and Poverty. This links to Catholic Social Teaching of the Dignity of the Human person.

This links to the Dignity of the Human person because poverty and hunger is impossible to live a life commensurate with this dignity.


My scripture link is When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain; and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. Then he began to speak, and taught them, saying:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

What circumstances force people into poverty and hunger?

  • Poverty
  • Lack of investment in agriculture
  • Climate and weather
  • War and displacement
  • Unstable markets
  • Food wastage

What causes hunger and poverty?

There are many reasons why hunger and poverty exist and they can often be linked and here are some important reasons why


Poverty trap

People that are living in poverty cannot afford food let alone nutritious food for themselves and family members. That makes them weaker and less able to afford money, then they will be trapped in hunger and poverty because the will not have the essentials to escape


Lack of investment in agriculture

Way too many countries lack key agricultural infrastructure E.G not enough roads, warehouses and irrigation. This results in high transport costs, lack of storage facilities and unreliable water.

Justice denied leads to devastating results. Eviction, unsafe housing. Dangerous work space, elder abuse, violence, hunger and poverty and that is why we need justice otherwise our world would be no more. 


June 14

Blame others, Yourself and Circumstances

This term in positive ed we had to do a PLT on any area we had learnt in the previous years and you could get in groups of 1 ,2 or 3 and Jacob F and I chose blaming.

the definition of blaming is feel declare that (someone or something) is responsible for a fault or wrong

Blame others- you can get others and yourself in trouble, people will think lesser of you, then you get low self esteem and you become lonely, be sad or don’t care that you blamed others

Blame yourself-low self esteem issues dont feel good about yourself sad all of the time. Isolate yourself- alone

Blame circumstances- can get really annoying and not helping your self esteem that your hiding from maybe what you did or someone else did.

Our rich question is how does blaming affect your wellbeing




May 28


Commas have many different uses and here I’m going to tell you about¬†some of them¬†so if you need some tips¬†further

Rule 1. Use commas to separate words or word groups with three or more items people places etc. E.G. I went to the shops with mum, dad, my brother and I

Rule 2. Use commas for extra info in a sentence E.G. The Bird, that was blue and golden, was beautiful

Rule 3.Use commas to set off the name, nickname,  or title of a person directly addressed E.G. will you, Jeffrey, do this assignment for me

Good day, Captain

I hope you found this somewhat useful, if you did then It will help with your writing and your teachers wont be saying you need to include commas because before I used commas that’s what happened.

May 14

R&L math’s Board game


1 dice

4 player pieces

Game board

Questions 15 x ( fraction, decimals and percentage)

8 justice questions


1. Roll dice and move to whatever number rolled

2. Question corresponds to a particular question you landed on Red= fraction question Green= decimal question Orange= percentage question

3. question right= move foward 1

question wrong= move back 2

4. follow instructions on game board

5. first one to finish wins


Mums feedback was- a challenging game where I had to remember my math’s skills from grade 6 .

Lochs feedback- Its a good game and it takes a while because of the interesting math¬† and justice questions and he said “he smashed.”


May 14

Home sweet home

It was today the day that I finally get home from my big trip, I was only 15 mins away and I was so excited to finally see everyone again, when I got there I quickly tried to get my luggage and get inside to meet everyone but my luggage was to heavy so my friends Finn and Will, once we got inside everyone was there, by that I mean my mum, dad, brother and my 2 other friends Yanning and Nick were there.

I was so excited to tell them what happened but I had a complete mind blank so we talked about other things then I finally remembered, so we all got around the table and I started telling my amazing adventure, when I had finished everyone was nearly asleep it was that long and I still had my highlights and lowlights.

My highlights were

1. Going down the largest water slide in the world

2. Seeing the Eiffel  tower

3. Seeing my mate in China

I only had one lowlight and it was getting punched in the face by an angry person cause I was to tall to go on a ride or something like that

April 26

My Holiday Adventure


“On my amazing adventures I did lots of things but I’m going to tell you about the standouts and the ones that were truly the best,

On the first Thursday, my brother (Lochie), dad and I went on a camping trip to the Murray River¬†with 2 other families.¬†¬†At about 4 am in the morning dad, Lochie, Jack, Georgia and I hit the road and were off. After an agonizing 4 hour trip (because there were pillows, doonas and miscellaneous objects at our feet) we finally got there. We were also awaiting 3 other people to get there, so after setting up the tent, getting a key to unlock the toilets and tennis courts and unloading the car we grabbed the tennis balls and rackets and were off to the courts¬† – all ¬†except dad, because he was tired and didn’t want to.

It was about¬†3 pm when the 3 others arrived. Matt, Davo and Kaz¬†got there, so we helped set up their tent.¬†Shortly after,¬†Jack, Loch, Matt and I grabbed our bikes and went for a ride.¬†Later we did other activities. Soon it was dinner time. We all sat around the camp fire and¬†enjoyed chicken¬†schnitzel burgers, We talked and got to roast some marshmallows over the fire.¬†As I was tired after the busy day,¬†I soon took myself off¬†to ‘hit the hay’..

On the 2nd last and last day, we floated down a section of the Murray River on our backs. I floated down  part of the river 11 times, Loch and Matt floated down 13, Georgia floated down around about 5 times and Jack floated twice. We then discovered dirt ramps that other kids had made, so we did jumps off them. It was then time to leave so we packed up ready to go. To get home it took around 5 hours and 30 mins because of the Easter traffic and there was also a  crash. 

Then on Friday of the second week I had a sleepover party for Heaths 11 Birthday and it was only¬†Kal, Heath and I, ¬†because the others were either sick or away so we went to see the movies it was Fast and Furious¬†7 – ¬†‘best movie ever’. After that we got back to Heaths house and had some fun.